About Our Concrete and Asphalt Company

Concrete Space — Concrete Asphalt in Brighton, CO
On March 8, 2012, Jesus M. Barron and his two sons founded Barron's Asphalt and Concrete in Thornton, Colorado. Though the company is new, Jesus' reputation as a hardworking American and his commitment to quality are not. His mission was to create a small business that could provide regular consumers and other small companies in the Colorado area with dependable asphalt and concrete services. Today, Barron's Asphalt and Concrete allows the community to benefit from Jesus' extensive knowledge and incredible work ethic.
Jesus has developed a wealth of expertise through his work with other major asphalt companies throughout Colorado. Over the last 20 years, Jesus has been a part of countless impressive projects including the I-25 T-Rex project, C-470, E-470, and so many others.
His sons, Jesus and Emmanuel are Co-Owners of Barron's Asphalt and Concrete. Emmanuel is currently the full-time manager of our company. He is former Infantry Captain and paratrooper in the U.S. Army, where he served for a combined 9 years as an enlisted man and as an officer. Jesus Barron, Jr, (aka JC) is currently a Cavalry Scout in the US Army and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in his ten years of service. He still likes to get his hands dirty with concrete and asphalt work when he is visiting Denver on leave. For a short period, JC served the City of Thornton as a police officer before resigning to help his father grow the company.

Our Company Motto

“Adapt and Overcome…”
No plan ever survives intact when you start executing and unexpected things happen. However we, like every other American, have set our minds to SUCCEED. When times get rough or a job seems hard to accomplish, we get our minds together and do everything we can to get the job done and done right.